Jesus Creed

Not long ago a package of [evo] coffee arrived on my doorstep. “Evo” coffee means “coffee evolved.” It’s a serious fair trade coffee group in Grand Rapids that … “Evo. It?s coffee?evolved. It?s an upside-down take on the value of life in business?beginning with offering farmers more than fair trade and going on to return every drop of pro?t to their communities. It’s simple. It’s logical. It’s a revolution. So grab a cup?change is brewing.” I am grateful for the number of visionary activists who protect local coffee farmers. So I’m happy to urge you to consider [evo].
“At [evo], we desire to see justice in the coffee industry and restoration for its farming communities. It is simply not okay to pay farmers from 14 cents (in Ethiopia) to a $1.26 a pound (fair trade), and look away as they go hungry. A little work and a little creativity and the world can change. Yet, even a better wage isn’t enough. We can do more. That’s why, at [evo] every drop of profit is returned to the farming communities.”
So what does my package of Guatamalan Andres Micro Lot taste like? Very good. Chocolatey with a hint of cherry.

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