I don’t know why I like Donald Brake’s wondrous new book, Visual History of the English Bible, A: The Tumultuous Tale of the World’s Bestselling Book
, the most: Is it because of the rich photography? the story the book tells? or is it the boy-ish delight Brake exudes when he tells another story of his finding some antique Bible? I’ll let you decide when you look through this book … but …

If you look at this book, you’ll buy it. And Amazon’s price is a steal.

Do you have a Bible collection? Any family heirlooms? Do you occasionally find yourself wandering through old Bibles in your home? Now a different kind of question: Do you know the history of the English Bible? The story of William Tyndale? There’s some fascinating history wrapped in the history of the English Bible. What is your favorite book on the history of the Bible/English Bible?

This book is elegantly produced: full of great photographs, captivating
stories, and capable of holding the attention of anyone who is simply
interested in the history of our English Bibles. I recommend that every
church have a copy — and professors ought to have one around the
office to hand to students who become interested in the history of the
English Bible. And pastors will benefit from the stories — hint:
sermon illustrations or great PowerPoint slides. (I’ll say it again: I
don’t know how you could get a book like this for such a price.) One
more push: I want churches to have books like this because far too many
folks simply have no idea what we have gone through to get our

But this book is really one man’s (love) story of his love for English
Bibles and (his love in) finding them in odd and unusual places. Donald
is Vice President and Dean of the Seminary at Multnomah
Biblical Seminary. He’s the Bible Hunter.

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