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Young evangelicals adults, nearly 60%, are supporting Obama. There is also a report on “evangelical moderates” and politics.
Lord have mercy! 90%
NPU’s reduction in tuition fees a few years back has led to a 33% increase in enrollment, and we are up again this year. (We are $6,000 below the national average.) The campus improvements of the last few years, along with quick access to the City of Chicago, make NPU increasingly attractive.
Speaking of Chicago … was the Cubs season a waste? Not according to Syler Thomas.
If everyone who confesses and recites the BCP would believe what they confess and recite, this wouldn’t have to happen nor would this.
If all parents did this
And if we all did this….
Trinity recently hosted a debate on the eternal subordination of the Son, which (in the eyes of this writer) seems to be driven by whether or not women are to submit to men.
A critique of traditionalist responses to the Da Vinci code is surveyed and found wanting by Rob Bowman.
YSMarko summarizes stats about abortion. The waning days of empire? No way says Tony. (I agree.) Tom Smith challenges us to play different parts in the Good Samaritan parable. Jail — a gift for pastor Don Johnson. And pastor Jim Martin has a wonderful reminder about the need to be grateful. Pastor Tamara Buchan reflects on those graceful golden moments. Laura Barkat on poverty. Ed’s sick and tired of the race issue in the race and Ed, too, has the character to affirm the attempts of McCain to calm down his audiences. iMonk opened up the “mic” to a question about how efficient the Bible is on its own. Pastor Erika calls us to conversation. Body images.
1. Cities of refuge, persecution, and Christians in Mosul. Similar violence in India.
2. This is called “insightful”: David Brooks on the anti-intellectualism of the Republicans.
3. The Amish in motion: is this “Ami-mergent”?
4. Is this Swed-imergent?
5. Nobel Prize winner, Paul Krugman, weighs in on the economic issues and how Britain’s solutions makes (for him) the most sense.
6. The Univ of Michigan’s football team’s band was …. yougottabekiddinme!
Germany’s Bird of the Year for 2009: the Kingfisher.
7. Ringo’s moved into a yellow submarine evidently.
8. You bored? Guess the google.
9. A homeostasis machine.
A tough week in Chicagoland: the Cubs get wiped off the map in three games and then the Bears play a weak game, come back at the end and then … lose. Three losses this year; each at the end of the game.
This is what I mean: The Phillies snatched the game from the Dodgers in LA Monday night. Here’s a report on “Of the last 11 teams to go ahead 3-1 in the NLCS, only two — the ’96 Cardinals and the ’03 Cubs — went on to lose the series.”

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