Jesus Creed

When we were in Franklin Tennessee, we grabbed a cup of coffee at the Curious Gourmet Cupcake Cafe where we were introduced to Stone Cup Roasting Co. Very tasty, even if I’d prefer a barista plying her craft with a classic machine. Their machine was fully automated, but it ground the beans and pulled a good shot. So, I bought a pound of Sumatra Lintong and am now bingo! enjoying the flavorful aroma and taste.
Now back to a previous post: the AeroPress is doing well by us. I’ve brewed up three cups of coffee for baristas, two of whom wanted nothing but straight stuff with no extra water in it (as in Cafe Americano), and each has said, “Amazing little maker.” Yep, this little inexpensive plastic coffee maker — it works off hand pressure — is doing the job for me in my office. All fun and games.

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