Jesus Creed

Evidently our tax system is broken. If it weren’t, there’d be no reason for both McCain and Obama to propose what “their tax plan” will be. Obama says there will be no new taxes for folks who make under 250 thousand dollars. McCain will reduce taxes, not much to be sure, for both the wealthy and the middle class. So, since we’re into thinking about the tax system, let me make a few suggestions:
First, no one goes free, neither the wealthy nor the poor.
Second, everyone pays 10% of their total income.
Third, no tax write-offs — this is getting ridiculous and there are so many intricacies that only those who can afford tax lawyers or accountants can figure it out. Just pay 10% on total income.
Fourth, give a break to those who are under the poverty line — they pay 5%. No one, as I said, goes free.
Fifth, this might be the most radical of my proposals: when the government runs out of money and is tempted to spend beyond its means, it has two options:
1. Go home until the next year.
2. Borrow money, at interest, from “we the people,” upon vote, and pay us back in the next year.
As I said, I’m no economist. But this makes sense to me.

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