Jesus Creed

I’m happy to announce that that our new book, Blue Parakeet, has “landed” at Amazon and local bookstores.
We’d really appreciate it if those who have posted reviews on their blogs would carry those over to Amazon and post them at Amazon.
Wednesday morning I flew down to Atlanta for the Catalyst Conference, my first time there and I have to say I was deeply impressed with those who are organizing and orchestrating the event, and with the many, many folks I met. My session, at 1pm, was in the fine arts center at Gwinnett and I spoke about our Blue Parakeet project: rethinking how we read the Bible. Our big idea has been to put into words how it is that Christians “apply” the Bible, which we believe is more consistently understood if we speak of “discernment” of how to live the Bible out in our day than if we speak of applying it as law to our lives.
I’m grateful to the Catalyst folks for my first opportunity to be down there and I’d be interested in the comments of those who have gone to this leadership conference.

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