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A barista wrote me and asked if I heard of the AeroPress. I had not. He said, “We [at the coffee shop] can’t believe how good the coffee is from this little maker.” I bought one for my office.

I was tired of walking across the campus (poor me) to purchase a cup, and by the time I got back the coffee’s crema had dissipated anyway … so I thought, “Give it a try.” I did. I’ve had two students who are baristas drink some — both said, “Wow, really good coffee.” So, I recommend this little AeroPress and would like to hear if others know about this thing.
25 bucks for an espresso machine. Pretty good. It works by forcing hot water through the grind, not unlike the famous machines of Naples where (I hear) the expression “pull a shot” was made famous. Anyway, you can “push a shot” through AeroPress and you get a nice, smooth, shot. I add some hot water, and a little cream, and I’ve got a Cafe Americano.
At school right now I’m brewing some Caribou Daybreak. I like it.
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