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We walk at Independence Grove and here are some native flowers: Cardinal flower and Shooting star, and the third is Little bluestem, a wild, native prairie (ornamental) grass. We like it so much, we’ve got some growing from seeds (and does it grow slowly):
The blog world has been slow for us of late… maybe vacations … but here are some links.
Dave Dunbar’s got a new post up on Missional Journal.
Feel called? What do you think of this theory? (HT: BB)
Karen’s called … and one thing she does is write good prose and do book signings. And tells this wondrous story.
Dogs and cats, cats and dogs.
Peggy’s dance.
James McGrath on how fundamentalism is unbiblical.
Don Johnson asks “Why?”
Some blogs you need to know about: Allan Bevere, Brad Boydston, JR Woodward and Mark Roberts: these are some very good blogs.
Good story on McCain’s story.
Professor Mr. Obama.
“Heckman points out that big gaps in educational attainment are present at age 5. Some children are bathed in an atmosphere that promotes human capital development and, increasingly, more are not. By 5, it is possible to predict, with depressing accuracy, who will complete high school and college and who won?t.”
1. Reading habits — changing, changing.
2. A good article on how Pompeii is in need of attention.
3. Changes in Lake Michigan.
4. No worry, man.
5. We saw the signs of melting from the sky recently; it was stunning in several ways.
6. This would be cool — very cool. If I were a rich man, I’d buy one for Tony Jones.
7. John Ortberg’s excellent piece on pastors dealing with opposition.
8. I thought this was an excellent description of storytelling.
Wow, did you see those Cubbies this week up in Brewville Wisconsin? I’d like some MD explain to us how Kerry Wood can have a blister on his index finger for a month or more.
Here’s what I say to the LPGA pros criticizing Michelle Wie: leave her alone.

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