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I throw this letter open to you …
Dear Scot,
I am a regular and appreciative reader of Jesus Creed. I wonder if you and/or the blog community can help me find material for an adult church program.
We want to offer something on illness and faith to help deal with such basic questions as why won’t my faith cure me? etc. It doesn’t matter how much our pastor tries to address this topic in his preaching, the same anxieties and misunderstandings keep coming up. We think a DVD with personal testimony would be more effective than a book. I see that Paraclete has one by Walter Wangerin, but before we spend any money, I’d like to know if you think it is an effective teaching tool, or if there are other good ones out there. I should add that many of the people likely to come to the class are older (55+).
Would you consider posting a query to this effect on the blog? I’ve gotten many good tips from the comments in the past and I think this topic would interest other people addressing these issues in their Sunday classes.
Thanks so much!

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