Jesus Creed

For a few years running now, one of my father’s former students, Bill Roberts, who is now a lawyer in Chicago and Springfield, invites my dad and mom and Kris and me to a Cubs-Cardinals game at Wrigley. As if that invitation isn’t enough, Bill’s law offices have a sky box and we get to sit in the sky box and watch the game.
And, if that isn’t enough …
We’ve not seen the Cubs lose yet. Did I mention yet that Bill and my parents and everyone else they invite are Cardinal fans? But, it doesn’t matter … we have a great time and soak up the generosity of Bill.
In many ways, this event is a testimony to teaching. Bill and others who come were in one of the first group of high schoolers my father taught — well, it was probably the “coaching” that had more to do with it. How many years ago was it? I’m guessing about 50. My dad is 79 and he’s had a relationship with these student/athletes for at least 50 years. Kris and I enjoy hearing about the chat of those days in southern Illinois and the games and events and wins (we wonder how many might be “tall tales”).
Now for an evaluation: Tony Larussa, who is one of the smartest managers in the game, over-coached and gave us the game: with the suicide squeeze that went awry, trying to run home on Soriano, and the running bunt with Kennedy … anyway, that’s our assessment. We’re glad for the Cubs.

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