Jesus Creed

Last week I got two 8oz packs of coffees from The Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. They sent me two kinds: Dark Horse Espresso and Zen (I don’t see it on their website). OK, I was a bit nervous about the Espresso so I tried it first: the bean had a smidgeon of oil on it and I wondered if it would be a little too zippy for me but this was a very smooth and creamy coffee.
There was a hint of chocolate, not too much, and there was no bitterness at all. Average amount of crema. But, I drink all my coffee as latte, so I don’t judge coffees until I brew them up in the Rancilio — and I rate this coffee as high as any I’ve had lately. I rate all coffees against Intelligentsia and Metropolis, as any Chicagoan should, and I also compare to Chestunutt Hill Coffee Co., and Great Lakes Coffee gives them a run for their money. Who’s had some of this?

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