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I’ve got it made. All I have to get ready for school are my syllabi, fill my fountain pen with ink, put a few things in my book bag, and off to school I go. But, I was thinking about all the school supplies we used to buy when I saw this link on Amazon. Now here’s my story…One of my favorite school supplies as a kid was a bottle of paste. This one of the constant items we took in our school box to begin our year. I remember getting that paste on my hands and my clothes and my papers and books inside my desk, and I remember leaving it open so that it dried out and got hard. I remember crayons and paint brushes and pencils — #2 if I remember right. Yellow pencils. I liked the smell of sharpening them.Kris loved getting clay: four columns and four colors. It smelled good and it was soft and malleable and fun. It was an adventure. Something special for school.Kris and Laura loved getting school supplies. Laura loved markers, the sparklier the better. Lukas, as I recall, thought the whole process was ho-hum.So, what were your favorite school supplies?Here’s my question: what most surprises parents today of what is needed for school supplies?

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