Jesus Creed

City lights of Chicago:
New Jib-Jab: “It’s time for some campaignin’!”
“It seems to me that people here are free to live their lives, as long as they do no harm to anyone else,” he said.
Great set of pictures and images. His eight principles of leadership.
What book is reading you? Another Covenanter, Erika, shares her good-bye.
Karen’s taken a new job as a newspaper writer in Fayetteville, NC. She starts Aug 4, so if you are from there, look her up. You’ve got to hand it to Karen for thinking up the notion of moving to Fayetteville in August. Should be nice and toasty.
Here are some young students committed to justice.
Older people are happier people.
Anyone use a Smart Meter?
Senator Reed and I are together on this one.
My favorite catalog comes from here.
Life vs. laws.
A blog with mostly an experience of a Dane in the USA: we know Dave and Bente; stop in and visit them. (Dave’s a latte lover; and Intelligentsia; and Rancilio Silvia.)
1. Each of us could benefit from the brilliance of Dr. Michael DeBakey.
2. The Washington Post is doing a series on the Chandra Levy case.
3. Building schools in impoverished communities in the Middle East.
4. Time for some basics on economy.
5. Good piece on Jesse and Obama.
6. Good for the Evangelical Free Churchand more here and HT: Brad Boydston for pointing us to David Neff’s post.
7. Martin got this one right.
8. The Pope in Australia with the youth. The “green” pope.
9. Rembrandt. My favorite of his is the picture of Simeon.
I’m cheering for this guy in The Open. But I have to say that jacket doesn’t live up to Greg Norman wear.
And I couldn’t be happier for David Duval’s fine showing.
Univ of Michigan has new jerseys. That’s not the problem. Bring back Bo!
Bring back Brett Favre too! The guy is great for the game and he’s still one of the best. Favre should not go to the Vikings; he should play for the Packers (or Bears).
Pro soccer player enters seminary.

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