Jesus Creed

Nope, I’m not talking about Q, the hypothetical Gospel that Matthew and Luke used. Nor am I talking about the famous wine from Sonoma County in California. I’m talking about Motorola’s new phone: Moto Q. Many of you know that I just got a cell phone two years ago and I had some goofy adventures learning to use it.
In the Spring we came due for upgrades to new phones but, not wanting to rush ourselves, we had to chat and mull and ponder and talk to Lukas about it. He told us not long ago that he was getting a “Q” — and I have to admit it sounded perfect for someone like me who studies the Gospels to have a phone called “Q”. Luke got one, likes it and told me it would be perfect for us: we can access the internet and it is user-friendly.
We ordered our “Q” online (with Verizon) and it came yesterday. Last night we tinkered with it enough to figure it out and so now I believe in Q!
And to you who got the Apple IPhone, how do you like it? Since the whole family has Verizon ( “free” calls among us), we didn’t want to switch to AT&T in order to get an iPhone.

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