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In the book The Consolations of Theology we are treated to a series of essays into various emotions and conditions, and Peter Bolt examines anxiety. Here’s how he defines anxiety: “that feeling of apprehension and dread that comes with the …Read More

Kris and I sat down the other night to watch Rob Bell’s DVD called The Gods Aren’t Angry. My question: What do you think of it? Did any of you see this live and have a response?

Paul can say he saw a light flash from “heaven” in Acts 9:3, and probably just mean “up” or “in the skies.” But, Peter’s observations about his vision open up the heavens for us:

So how does a biblical view of monotheism — that YHWH is the one and only God — and this God’s mission to make himself known throughout the world, especially in Jesus Christ, lead to a missional understanding of the …Read More

The good folks at One Village Coffee, ahem Mike Manney, sent me a package of one of my favorite coffees in the world — and it is ecological, environmental and all that — Colombia. Colombia has a wonderful crema, a …Read More

Acts 7 also has a very interesting reference to “heaven.” Here are three texts in Acts 7:

Many know the experience of despair, the sense that there is “nothing ahead but emptiness and ruin.” The third study of how theology can console in The Consolations of Theology takes on the theme of despair.

This is the most intelligent review of The Shack that I’ve seen: Derek Keefe really does get what this book is. The Shack

Acts 4 has two references to heaven, and neither opens up new vistas for us on the meaning of heaven.

One of the more interesting conversations in the Church is the one about the deity of Christ. Very few of these conversations, though, frame the conversation in such a way that it emerges out of the Story of God in …Read More