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The Mississippi flooded its banks and broke down some levees.
Took some time off and it was hard to get back into the Weekly Meanderings, but now that I look at them … not too bad. Have fun.
Is the Neo-Reformed movement the way forward? So asks David Fitch.
The growth of the church in China. Could there be 70 million Christians in China?
Eddie, the 8 year old who knows his stuff.
A pastor who knows his words. Which one was your favorite?
Beware the red-winged blackbird.
Are you envious? Read John Stackhouse’s wise piece.
What would you call this piece?
Good line: “a poverty of ambition” from a good article. And read this piece on the Malthusian fallacy next.
JR Woodward on developing a rhythm in life.
I’m way behind on blog reading, but here’s a couple of good ones that I’m catching up on: Eugene Cho and Rob with his hognose and Don Johnson on sin and joie de vin and Bob Robinson on creativity. And Erika dreams of blogging and I dream of those who make comments that need constant deleting. Karen writes about Jubilee.
Husbands, wives, career moves.
Chicago at night, you gotta love this place:
Oh, and this: a conservative believes … (read the piece long enough to see his list)
1. On South Africa’s xenophobia problems. Here’s a good source for news and commentary about RSA.
2. The American Dream: Barna’s newest study of what Americans want.
3. Known for his human rights writing, Nicholas Kristof’s piece on Israel is worth your time.
4. GAFCON hopes for an Anglican revival.
5. Never heard of this before.
6. On neighboring.
7. Thanks to Marko, I found this article on the report of a very early Christian church.
8. Airlines are escalating their warnings of what is to come.
9. Cram schools.
10. Your brain.
When I think of the great athletes I’ve been able to watch over the years I think of Jack Nicklaus, Bart Starr, Oscar Robertson, Lou Brock, Edwin Moses, Michael Jordan, Tiger Wood and of course this guy (light feet or what!).
I’m not fan of Johnny Miller’s commentary on golf matches, but I am a huge fan of Rocco.
The NBA, which is more wrestling than basketball, had its draft, and our erstwhile champion Chicago Bulls had the first pick, and chose a local player, Derrick Rose, and guard who played at the Univ of Memphis, and I hope I’m wrong … but choosing a guard is not the way to go. The Bulls need more than a good guard; they need someone in the paint who can make things happen. Well, I hope Rose becomes a star, the Bulls win, and I’m wrong.

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