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Chicago as we turn from Spring toward Summer:city.jpggreen-heron.jpgtulips.jpgwalks.jpgHere’s a virtual study guide and discussion notes through our Embracing Grace.Here is a very good piece by Tim Keller on the gospel.RJS sent me this during the week: let us not forget these kinds of struggles.Arthur Brooks often talks lots of sense. And David Brooks calls us to turn from considering a candidate’s talents to a candidate’s internal candor.Michael Kruse has an interesting chart on mainline church decline and on a correlation of commitment and growth. And the emerging folks of the SBC have now made the NYTimes. Ryan Bolger, one of the best analysts of the emerging movement, has reappeared on his blog with a fine post on emerging.The church is not a business … Fr Rob. Excellent post.I’ve been reading Dawn Turner Trice lately.One of my favorite blogs turns three.OK, Jesus Creeders, you did good on your rating of the greatest rock songs of all time. Check this out — from the only official source we’ve got. (HT: DLT)Question: a few weeks back I reviewed a movie called The Life Before Her Eyes. I’m wondering who has seen it and what your thoughts are on the movie. What do you think its big points were?Jim Martin has developed a video format for his blog.Christian Century has a forum on hell — excellent discussions. The NYTimes has a piece about the “strengths and weaknesses” approach to teaching evolution in public schools.Ed Gilbreath’s questions at the end of his post are important ones. The rise of private giving. But Zimbabwe‘s now blocking aid to the country.Don Johnson’s reflections on pilgrimage and vacation. I’m trying to figure out if our trips to Italy are pilgrimages or vacations. Any suggestions?Our medical information online? Anyone look into this?Todd Hunter is back blogging and working on his Three is Enough project.1. Well, Susan Jacoby’s been criticized for her book but this little rant about the word “elite” is worth reading. Does “elite” mean “snob” to you?2. Ed Gilbreath on Fr. Pfleger. Cathleen Falsani has access to Pfleger and her stuff is good.3. Helping injured birds.4. RJS might give us all grief if I didn’t like to Brian Greene’s NYTimes piece.5. Putingate.6. South Africa, food prices and the poor. Tsvangirai lashes out at Mbeki.7. Don and Martha are over in France, and we’ll be in Italy before too long … but Don it’s not just when you bite into those cheeses that you smell them and get hit upside the head; just walking into those cheese shops does it.8. The New YS site is up and running.9. The health benefits, perhaps, of red wine.10. China, the Olympics, and oppression. Anyone studied up on this one?Sports:World record in the 100m.And Michael Johnson is a noble man.

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