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One of the most significant ports in all of Italy was Rome’s port at Ostia, now called Ostia antica. The port was on the Tiber and on the coast, though the growing problem with silt accumulation made it less than the best of ports. Anyway, Ostia was a big place … bigger in size than Pompei. By the end of the 1st Century AD, it had it all … including …
This long entry road from the Porta Romana all the way to the Porta Marina (at the sea).
A massive complex of baths. (The walls are all cemented, I suppose to seal them from further erosion.)
A large and impressive theater:
Just a big place full of buildings.
And temples:
Augustine’s mother died here, and this is the plaque put up from his 9th book of Confessions:
And of course the Tiber river leading up to Rome…
By the 4th Century AD, Ostia was being abandoned and then the Saracens began to invade, and then later they built a more secure place up the road. And one thing they built was a piazza and a medieval building which was our hotel for the night. Our room was the second window from the gate on the left on the ground floor.

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