Jesus Creed

Just in case you don’t know, our son Lukas is a scout for the Chicago Cubs. Which means, besides getting paid to sit at baseball games and evaluate amateur talent, today is the biggest day of the baseball year. Today is the Major League Baseball Amateur Draft. In rooms all around the USA, scouts will be sitting and chatting about and figuring out which player to pick next. Luke had a bundle of good talent in his area this year, so he thinks he’ll land some of his kids.
This day every year makes me think of Lukas some years back. Lukas, having left the house to meet some friends at the local gym after waiting much of the day to be called to see if he’d be drafted, got a phone call. Only I picked up the phone because he was at the gym. It was the Cubs. Would Lukas sign if they drafted him? I immediately called the gym, got someone to get Luke to the phone, he said “Yes” and in about a week he was playing catch as a Cub in Mesa, Arizona. At the rookie camp for the Cubs. 5 wonderful years of playing in the minors.

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