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We stayed in Ravello, a small town sitting atop a mountainous region above the Amalfi coastline. Today I want to post some pictures of the various places on the coastline we visited on our vacation.
Here’s Google Earth’s image of the Amalfi region … from Sorrento (around the corner at the top) to Salerno.
This is Amalfi Town, just below and to the west of Ravello:
One of our favorite places was Positano. The bus dropped us off at the top of Positano and we walked down through the village and this is what it looks like from the top:
We “managed” always to find our way to this outdoor cafe for a latte.
From Ravello down onto the sea:
One morning as we walked onto the balcony for our breakfast, this is what we saw “parked” off the coast of Amalfi Town:

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