Jesus Creed

Kris and I have’t had much access to a computer here, and we didn’t bring our laptop. So we rely on “Internet Points” — and right now we are sitting in Sorrento, just off the Piazza Tasso. We’ve been to Amalfi and Positano and to Minori and Maiori for day trips. Our big trip was to Pompei and words can’t get to the bottom of this site. Incredible site for archaeologists, of course, but even more … so real and evocative of what happened in August of 79 AD when Vesuvius exploded and covered this city of 200,000 people. We went on the 2 hour tour … self-guided, but it took us a good four hours. Amazing.
Yes, we did get close enough to Naples to see the garbage build-up. When garbage workers go on strike, it’s one thing. When they go on strike for months, you’ve got a mess. It’s a real mess.
I’ve driven the Amalfi coast a few times … it took a while to muster the courage. Crazy drivers, but we’ve managed to stay slow enough to be safe and to offend the locals. We took a boat from Amalfi up to Sorrento this morning. The Germans call it “herrlich.” I agree.
Time to push on as we’d like to get the boat back and have dinner on the beach down near our home in Ravello.

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