Jesus Creed

Chicago Spring means baby robins:
It also means backyard visitors, like this glorious Rosebreasted Grosbeak:
There is a very good conversation at Kent Eilers’ blog on “asking Jesus into your heart.”
And a great missional ministry among those most affected by xenophobia in Johannesburg; Tom Smith’s at ground level working his way into missional work in Jo’burg.
Bob Robinson’s got a great video posted. My response: “Wow!”
Don Johnson not only posted Rublov but also a solid reflection on the importance of Trinity Sunday.
Collin Hansen and Tony Jones engage in a conversation about their respective books — and both are civil and both are swinging bats coated with padding.
David Fitch treated us to a post yesterday but I have to give him some props for this excellent post on picking out a house missionally.
One of the best things about South Africa? Baboons in the wild. But, they can mess things up but good.
My favorite moment in American Idol: David Cook singing with ZZ Topp …
Who would you sing with if you got a chance? How about this guy?
Marko’s become wise.
Ding, ding, ding: Emerging humor of the week.
Fr Rob to the Rescue: there’s nothing Rob won’t do to help our animals, esp if they are slimy or slither.
1. Einstein on God.
2. We learned the plight of the Zimbabweans when we were in S Africa — a fresh breakout of violence against the immigrants is a growing concern for Johannesburg and South Africa. So also is emigration.
3. Erika’s cry for renewal — sound, sensitive reflection.
4. A church historian to know: Eusebius.
5. The brain as we age … interesting piece.
6. Many of us are anti-abortion because we want the pro-life agenda applied to everything. Good reminder by Stan Guthrie.
7. Michael Kruse reviews Stackhouse’s book … our next book to blog through.
8. Only bloggers can understand this one.
9. I read Arthur Brooks’ book on happiness recently and here’s a niece review of it.
10. Erika’s new baby. Micro-baby.
Good. Maybe this is the solution.
Where’s ole Diz when you need a pithy comment on a quirky news story in baseball?

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