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This is our last post from S Africa, though when we return we’ll do a series of reflections with pictures. Yesterday was my last speaking event … Attie and Renate picked us up early and we drove about 1.5 hours over to Pretoria where I addressed a group of pastors and students.
It was great to see some friends … like Nielus and Marius and Willem … and to see some students we and seen before, including Stephan Joubert’s daughter. I spoke about the rise of ironic faith, and it resonated with some features of faith here in RSA, and then about reading the Bible in a postmodern age, and then we had a conversation about conversion theory. I’ll admit it: I love to have conversations with pastors because they are integrating theology, Bible, and church life … so the stuff on conversion is something I try to talk about with pastors when I get a chance. A special thanks to the organizers of this event for the special gifts we were given.
Overall, a fantastic event. We had a similar conversation down in Stellenbosch and those two events are memorable for me.
Last night we were treated to a classic South African event: a braaivleis! An authentic S African barbecue — and our hosts invited the leaders from NG Kerk Bergsig (our local host church) to the braaivleis. Boer sausage, filet, pork chops, lamb chops, something called “pap” and an assortment of veggies and drinks. There were 25 people there.
We have had so many memorable events here, but getting everyone together — our new friends — has to be the best way to end our two weeks here in RSA.
Buy a donkey! (Many thanks in Afrikaans.)

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