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Here is a fantastic question asked of us about the issue of wrath … How do you respond to this mom?
Dear Scot,
This will be a timely series for me and our family. We’ve been reading through Joshua in school (we homeschool). Last week, when my eleven year old daughter read about Achan’s sin and his punishment in Chapter 7, she burst into tears. The thought of God killing Achan’s wife and children as a result of HIS sin did not sit well with her. We talked about God’s reasons for it, but they were insufficient for her. It didn’t seem fair, and I had to agree with her. She confessed that serving, believing in, following a God like that didn’t appeal to her. Our discussion and my husband and my answers didn’t seem to clarify or comfort her.
Honestly, we were both at a loss for a clear answer. We still are. Perhaps it’s sleep deprivation with a newborn, I don’t know…
How do you respond to an eleven year old who doesn’t care about wrath, holiness, etc., and sees God as a big bully and unjust? I would really appreciate any responses and insight.

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