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Some of our students, including Matt Enquist, are biking across the nation this summer for justice. Here’s the blog … and we’ll be following them all summer. I am going to do something I’ve never done …
Professors are proud of their students, but this initiative is special for me because the young man who was at the start of this is from our town, the local Covenant church, has a good sound Christian head, and he sees the significance of a holistic gospel. As this team of six bike riders travels across the USA, they will stop in local churches and speak about the ministries and the need for local churches to be active in justice ministries around the globe. They will travel from May 23 to August 17.
I’m asking as many of you as can to make a commitment of .01 (1 cent) for each mile they bike — and I think it is about 3700 miles. This means 37 dollars. And it would be nice to see those who will commit to say so … it’s not bragging or anything. Take it as encouragement for our students. We are asking you to send your checks to one of the two justice ministries they are supporting:
Spark Ventures: Spark Ventures help vulnerable children of Ndola, Zambia with food and shelter. They focus on partnerships, sponsorships and volunteer travel.
Acirfa: This organization was founded by Evangelical Covenant Church folks. Their goal is to make a difference by providing high-quality bikes to underprivileged Zambians. Acirfa partners with Zambikes — they operate a bike factory in Zambia, they employ Zambians, and they make bikes for Zambians.

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