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Chicago Spring means spotting Baltimore Orioles and the morning dance of birds:

I don’t know what you think is the best book on Christ and Culture, but I’d be interested in hearing. We are looking at John Stackhouse, Making the Best of It , and we turn to his first resource for …Read More

We gather on Friday under this title to discuss a good idea or a good book with friends, and the book we are now discussing is Klyne Snodgrass’s Stories with Intent, a complete study of the parables. It is written …Read More

This marks the end of our series from pastors. I have really enjoyed this series, I hope you have too, but I want to acknowledge their contributions publicly. Thanks. We probably won’t know who helpful this is. While we were …Read More

Yes, these texts from Paul about wrath are the sensitive spot for many today, but our task is to look at them, to look them in the eye, and see if we can make sense of them. Romans 4 has …Read More

This post is by RJS Part two of Tim Kellers’ The Reason for Godbegins discussion of the reasons for faith. Chapters 8 and 9 form one whole, dealing with clues for the existence of God ? within nature and within …Read More

Imagine a big holiday meal with all the trimmings where only one person is responsible for cooking, serving, and cleaning it up. At the end of the day, that person would be pretty tired, wouldn?t they?! Now imagine a big …Read More

In the first five chps of Romans the term “wrath” appears; we are in chp 3 today:

John Stackhouse, one in a growing group of blogging professors, has a new book that I want to read carefully and slowly because it challenges one of my fundamental orientations: an Anabaptist perception of the relationship of the disciple and …Read More

It’s about time for me to toot a bit about the glory of writing with a fountain pen. Now before you ask, I’ve provided a link to Amazon if you want to see some Fountain Pens. About five times a …Read More