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Chicago Spring flowers:
Thanks Rob. This story helps explain the previous one: Fr. Rob and Linda have always been cool, but I had no idea about this escapade with Cyranose: part one and part two.
Good news: books will survive.
I love iMonk.
Lots of things going on in the church: Brandon O’Brien’s piece on the masculinity movement. The threat posed by Catholics becoming Pentecostal — a massive shift already underway in South America.
Scroll down to see David Vinson‘s stuff about Ben Stein and intelligent design.
Clueless in America
Our prayers are with Don Johnson.
What’s going on with the emerging crowd? Brian McLaren’s Everything Must Change gets into thinking big about big issues; one of the major big issues in his book is how the world’s economy works. It is no small complement to Brian that Michael Kruse subjects his economic theory to some searching analysis — and Kruse’s interaction must be considered. I’ve been saying for some time now that, while many quote the need to respond to the poor, very few are discussing the best way to respond. And Zach Roberts compares hip-hop to emergent theology. Eugene Cho’s post about the Story of Stuff. Why bother? JR Woodward’s got an irenic post about DeYoung and Kluck’s book about emergent (why they should be but aren’t). The book says important things; but I think they are not analytical enough in defining “emergent” and “emerging.” They get too close to searching for “liberalizing” and say “that’s emergent.” Norman Jeune, the theologians trading cards blogger, is doing a review of Pete Rollins and Pete has responded. Al Hsu’s invitation to a conversation. Count me in.
Trevin Wax interviews NT Wright.
Missional story of the week.
Marko is one big (or not so big) loser.
1. John Frye and the fortune cookie approach to the Bible.
2. More wedding plans and pastors.
3. Sorry … the Tribune links to the papal visit aren’t working.
4. This shouldn’t happen.
5. Here’s a challenge.
6. William Kristol examines how Clinton, Obama and McCain expressed support for Passover.
7. If you’ve got the time, Stanley Fish’s second part on deconstruction is worth the read.
8. OGS News agency: “One Granny Said” is the source for the Russian news about Putin’s relation with gymnast. Note to oneself: don’t forget that “OGS” for rumors.
9. Good piece on Obama’s supposed “elitism.”
10. OK, I transgress my principle to avoid satire, but doggonit (a non-emerging word), this guy’s got the funniest — and long, long — list of things Christians like. (HT: Marko)
On Monday morning we woke up to a newspaper with the Cubs in first place. It’s Friday evening and they are still there.
Draft busts.

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