Jesus Creed

44 years ago in Chicago, the Beatles:
Good morning Chicago!
Let’s all pray for June Bug — Emily — today.
God answers prayer in a season of deep grieving.
Art Boulet’s exceptional reflection on fundamentalism and the temptation to become emergent.
Whatever happened to pin the tail on the donkey or 3-legged races in the backyard?
Sanjay Gupta on why we don’t like to exercise.
Tired of the treadmill?
Fr Rob’s post — he’s the fishing priest.
Missional happenings at missio lux.
An important article on the American narrative and race.
Jim Wallis interviewed at CT.
Michael Cline weighs in on Obama. Worth your reading.
Are these the Elitemergents?
CO2 emissions (HT: Michael Kruse)
1. College student loans.
2. Kent Anderson blows smoke in the eyes of wedding planning. Hilarious stuff. Very male-ish. I love it. (By the way, I too, am jaded.)
3. Now for the serious side of pastors and weddings … Eugene Cho’s wisdom.
4. Instant digital prints.
5. Was Obama’s famous slip an expression of Marxism? William Kristol thinks so.
6. The English pub.
7. Seminary teachers sometimes ask in jest: How do you sell a career that offers low pay, no sex, long hours and obedience to someone else? Answer: You don’t.
8. NYT has an ongoing blog with comments about the Pope’s visit.
9. UN report about food supply dwindling.
10. Eugene’s schedule.
11. Check out Tim’s reflections on John 14:6.
Way cool.
The Masters: Trevor Immelman, the first South African to win the Masters in thirty years, demonstrated grit and remarkable reserves to stay focused.
This is why I call golf courses “paradise.”

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