Jesus Creed

Where do you find God? In chp 8 of 40 Days Living the Jesus Creed I look at where Abraham found God and where we can find God anew this day.
How odd for Abraham to have encountered the very presence of God in the three strangers in Genesis 18. In the heat of the day Abraham rolled out hospitality for what he throught was three human visitors. He was near the oaks of Mamre. He found God — God manifest — in others.
The Emmaus road trip at the end of Luke’s Gospel shows the presence of God in Jesus’ incarnational presence with us. We find God in Jesus.
The Lord’s Supper, we need to remind ourselves, is also a manifest presence of God. In the bread, in the wine, in the event, in the actions, in the atmosphere — look and we can find the God who, at Pentecost, comes to us to create the community designed for Eikons.

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