Jesus Creed

You may remember our post about a father and a son and some doubt. Good things are happening so if you could read this and then pray for them.
Scot, I?m sure you remember our conversation awhile back. The advice and generosity of the blog readers was phenomenal. Prayers from that posting as well as insight gleaned have been instrumental with the work God has been doing in the life of our family and my son. If you will remember, there was a youth conference that was the catalyst for conversation about faith between me and my son. Well, he decided to go to the conference and is there now. In the last 18 hours or so he has called home twice; most recently a few minutes ago in tears?he is being touched by God there is no doubt. He says he wants to believe and wants God to prove Himself real to him. I am asking that you might pray with us and if it is not too presumptuous of me, maybe invite your blog audience to pray with us as well. Now is the moment. There are also around 800+ kids that we are praying for at this event as well.

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