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Chicago runner last Friday:
We’ve been gone for the week; we got home late last night; not as many links as I’d like. Sorry.
My colleague Brad Nassif is blogging about Eastern Orthodoxy. Hope you see this stuff: Part one and part two.
John Frye pays tribute to a great man, Victor Matthews, a man of deep piety and learning who had a singular impact on me as a college student. Thanks John.
Fitch and the Bridge illustration again.
Homeschool criminalized in California. What are you folks hearing about this? Is this just a media hype form of news?
Overheard on CNN: Wolf Blitzer to Bill Bradley, “Are you saying then that Hillary Clinton is a liar?” “No,” Bradley clarifies, “I’m just saying there are conscious misrepresentations.” (My response: “AFLAC!”)
I like the edge to this post by Tony Jones.
1. A new blog worth following by three friends: Christians in Context.
2. The Vatican and new sins. By the way, regardless of details, this is exactly what I think the Church needs more of: discernment.
3. Science and faith … a topic RJS is blogging about at Jesus Creed, is also at John LaGrou’s site.
4. Dobson’s concerns about the future of Focus on the Family and the conservative Christian agenda.
5. Is “Emergent” being co-opted? Jana Riess thinks so. Why is this happening? What does this mean for “emerging”?
6. What do you think?
7. Trevin Wax jumps from a blog to CT. Way to go Trevin.
8. I liked this story.
9. Eugene’s favorite thing about pastoring.

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