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Hello from Aruba … you can find us under a tiki hut reading. I’ve got a bundle of things to read for a piece on “happiness.” And how appropriate; we’re at a place called “The Happy Island.” Our housesitters are looking after Webster.SmileyCentral.comhello-from-aruba.jpg(Say the Jesus Creed morning and evening during Lent.)Another good pastor’s blog: LeaderFOCUS.Chicago’s CatholicsA little anxious about something? Read Jim.Do you know about Wedding Pastors? A friend of ours, Bill Yaccino, started this ministry and I hope you take a look at it.East vs. West.George Barna’s new configuration for determining church attendance.Do you need a secular sabbath?Dave Dunbar’s newest piece for Missional Journal (2.2).Fitch is after the Bridge illustration again; read it.A piece of mine in CT on the robust gospel.Yours truly on sports.1. Gendered education trends. Anyone know some serious research on this?2. Erika’s post on Billy’s Bucket … and it turns into parable.3. It got some of my money… anyone know much about these things?4. Is Barack a libertarian?5. Looking for the sun in northern Norway.6. Running out of space up above, but this one deserves to be there. Thanks to JR Briggs.7. Both Julie Clawson, a former BGC member, and John Frye have responded to the (at least) awkward views of John Piper: Pesky pastors. I will be responding to Piper’s counsel someday.8. If Jesus walked our streets. (HT: MDG)9. More missionally-minded leaders need to do more of this. Here’s Art’s summary of the resurrection.10. I’ve run out of space up above, but Michael Kruse’s two-part piece on improving health care, based in Robert Fogel, is a good read. Part one and two.11. Lacey’s loving coffee.Anyone know anything about Church Shift and Sunday Adelaja?.Sports:The technical term for this is frustration.Tiger for President, Lorena Ochoa for VP. Here is Annika Sorenstam looking like she’s passing on the glory to Lorena who is golf’s newest star.ochoa.jpgBrett Favre retires; in my lifetime, I think my top three QBs are Bart Starr, Joe Montana and Brett Favre. Favre says he’s …

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