Jesus Creed

(Say the Jesus Creed morning and evening during Lent.)
Chicago winter means Chicago potholes:
Chicago’s history.
Best post I’ve seen all year: Marko.
Good reminder from Erika.
T’s got a good post that should provoke some discussion. Weigh in on his site.
I’m guessing many will like the mapping of emerging done by Michael Patton.
1. The Kingdom Project.
2. Globalizing education. Is globalized church next?
3. Quite a piece in Time — evangelicals think for themselves in spite of who some of their leaders support.
4. Michael Kruse on education trends.
5. Anyone seen the Manga Bible?
6. Gospel clouds? This is clever.
7. Which is safer? On the beach or in the water? (I’m recommending the beach; under the shade; with a good book.)
8. Are you what you make or what you spend?
9. Carol Ann Beeman and a missional education. Beeman is the mother of a regular reader and commenter on this blog.
How in the world our highest levels of lawyering can spend weeks investigating baseball and ignore … I’ll stop right there. What’s been done by players is done; the solution is to break the union, demand testing, and anyone who refuses can spend the summer with us watching the games on TV.
Did you see this report about John Rocker (and others)?
Our kids love the Westminster Dog Show. I hope this little Bichon wins:

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