20 Then the mother of Zebedee’s sons came to Jesus with her sons and, kneeling down, asked a favor of him. 21 ?What is it you want?? he asked. She said, ?Grant that one of these two sons of mine may sit at your right and the other at your left in your kingdom.?.
1. Overall, this statement is simple: Salome (traditonal) wants her sons to sit next to Jesus in the kingdom. That kingdom is the Davidic kingdom of Jewish hope.
2. This kingdom suggests an earthly reign where there are thrones, etc..

3. The desire provokes consternation on the part of the other disciples and piercing words by Jesus — words even James and John don’t quite comprehend. Those who seek the kingdom, Jesus says, are not those who seek to dominate, rule and wield power. Instead, kingdom seekers serve one another in love.
4. Jesus’, the Son of Man’s, self-sacrifice on the cross embodies the proper stance of those seeking the kingdom of God.

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