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MarkO pointed me to this snow sculpting in China. Cool. You know it’s cold when pigeons are seeking the flame:
Kris and I will be on Cape Cod this weekend, visiting with our good friends at Paraclete Press and then speaking at a retreat over at Ocean’s Edge.
Post of the week: Dan Kimball’s thoughtful “What if?” post, a question I too get asked.
Dallas Theological Seminary has a new 3-part podcast about the emerging church. (HT: TSK)
Emerging Pachelbel. (HT: Lukas)
If you are in Seattle, stop in to see Eugene Cho at the Q Cafe.
Unquestionably a pressing issue and Nick Fox has some thoughts about it.
If you are thinking of doing a PhD, read this.
Good thoughts on parents and youth ministry.
Wise thoughts on pastoring by Don Johnson and Jim Martin.
Which moral issues are most significant to voters? Barna report.
Many of you download programs for listening, so you might consider the spectrum of offerings at The Theology Program and Converse with Scholars.
When I wrote A Community called Atonement, one of the books that influenced me at the deepest level is one I did not cite very often in the book, Alan Mann’s Atonement for a Sinless Society. His book essentially tells us that sin is not what it used to be. So, I’m grateful to Mann’s own review of our book.
Come, Lord Jesus. Save us from ourselves.
1. Tyler Braun is blogging through Shane Claiborne’s book Irresistible Revolution.
2. Erika’s reflections on what it is like with three little kids.
3. Beet juice helps with lowering salt for melting ice and snow.
4.We liked this movie: Bucket List.
5. Anger has its place; but when it comes spewing forth a review like this seems entirely fair.
Who reads this humor site?
6. I’m sorry Ringo, but you are not Paul. In your case — how do I say this delicately? — the shorter the song the better.
7. There’s something wrong here — deeply wrong. We need a lawyer to weigh in on this one.
8. General Butt Naked is born again and confesses to 20,000 deaths.
9. Fred Peatross is back with Abductive Columns.
10. Do you have house lust?
11. Here’s a nice reflection by Charles Twombly.
The Cubs Convention is often the highlight of the Cubs year (unfortunately). But because of the convention, I did see Ryne Sandberg and his wife Margaret at O’Hare Saturday evening.
Quick! Someone tell Digger Phelps to get a new wardrobe person. He’s now matching shirt and tie, Saturday in hot pink and Monday night in hot lime green, with his highlighter. I’d rather listen to Dicky V than look at Digger P.

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