Out in the City of Rain (Seattle), our friend Eugene Cho at Q Cafe (and pastor at Quest Church), there is a coffee blend you just might want to try. It is called Zoka, 2008 Coffee Roaster of the Year. We are sampling Colonel Fitzroy’s Blend … just the grinding of it gave off an aroma that was delightful and inviting. I’m biased: anything that comes from a cafe called “Q” has something going for it but this coffee is genuinely a great brew. [OK, I think I’m mistaken: Q Cafe is brewing Stumptown. So what’s the story with this Zoka that Eugene sent my way? Can you get Zoka at Q?] Big question:
What’s the best coffee out there? Here is my list …
1. Intelligentsia
2. Chestnut Hill Coffee Co
3. Zoka
4. One Village Coffee
5. ???

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