Jesus Creed

At the inspiration of Eugene Cho, I’m trying something perhaps risky. We’ve addressed other controversial topics on this blog in a civil manner and now I’m trying something new: the elections. So, today, I’m asking those who are voting Democrat to announce who they are voting for and provide the positive reasons why they are making their choice. Now some points that have to be made:
Simply give your reasons for why you are voting for a specific candidate. We’ll call this “Jesus Creed” and “constructive” politics.
First, of course, you may change your mind and you might even say you’re voting for (or thinking about voting for) more than one person since it is early in the game. (I’m from the Chicagoland region and we “vote early and vote often” according to urban legend.)
Second, no negative or critical remarks about any other candidate. For example, “unlike so and so, I think this…” or “I’m voting for so and so because, unlike so and so, they believe this…” These sort of comments will be edited or deleted. Instead, “I like so and so because of …”.
Third, you can weigh in on both Democrats (today) and Republicans (tomorrow). Some may be undecided and see the good in various candidates. So you can weigh in both today and tomorrow if you like certain candidates.
Fourth, please do not correct another comment. So for instance, don’t do this: “Comment no. 5 said such and such but such and such is wrong.”
Fifth, keep your comments short — try to stay to two paragraphs.
Sixth, I may have to edit or approve or delete some comments, so if your comment does not appear or if it appeared and then disappeared, I’m working behind the scenes to keep this discussion civil.
Okay, let’s see how this conversation goes!

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