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My own definition of what counts as a “novel” fluctuates. You might say I fudge. If it is a classic, like Homer’s stuff, it’s not fiction. If it is theological, it’s theology. Otherwise, I don’t read novels. Unless it’s the …Read More

Almighty God, you have poured upon us the new light of your incarnate Word: Grant that this light, enkindled in our hearts, may shine forth in our lives; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you, in …Read More

My Weekly Meanderings will be sparse this week with so much of our time spent traveling and with family. You thinking of blogging? (HT: Henriet)

Telford Work closes this book,Ain’t Too Proud to Beg, a series of ruminations leading to themes in the Lord’s Prayer, with three sermons under the chp title “Amen.”

Our day needs its best theologians, historians, biblical scholars, missiologists and pastors to sit down at table to discuss world religions. The issues pressing for answers are enormous in significance, and that is why I’d like to open a series …Read More

Some of you may know I like to cook, and my favorite dish is risotto. For a few years I’ve been using a nice pan but it was wearing out. Very kindly, Lukas and Annika (probably mostly Annika) bought me …Read More

Kris bought herself something, wrapped it up, and opened it for Christmas (well sort of since she opened it a few days before Christmas). Kris likes to know what time it is at night, our eyes are such that we …Read More

John Piper and Robert Webber (The Divine Embrace) have one big, central idea in common: Christian spirituality is not about the self but about God. Whereas Piper focuses on a Calvinist vision of God, Webber focuses on a liturgical vision …Read More

This may have happened to you, but it has happened to us too often – as in 2 times in the last 3 months. We check into a hotel, sometimes as the guest of someone else but even when not, …Read More

It’s not easy to decide when the Christmas season begins, perhaps when Thanksgiving is over or at the lighting of the First Advent candle or when grading is over and the grades are submitted or when … it’s all a …Read More