Jesus Creed

Being green preserves nature:
And we get trees like this in Chicago every Fall:
Chris Tomlin’s “Indescribable” set to images.
I made fun of the Oregon Duck’s uniforms, and this is what I feared all week: Revenge of the Ducks.
Funniest YouTube imitation by Frank Caliendo.
TSK has caught fire as a blogger again … browse his site for lots of interesting recent posts.
Bente and David have a blog; we met these Chicagoans-Danes in Denmark this summer and they serve at JPUSA.
A definitive statement of what Anabaptism is: Neither Catholic nor Protestant.
The end of the need to spend hours and hours learning how to use the The Liturgy of the Hours. Wolf Paul pointed this site out to me: Universalis. And you can purchase use of the whole for download on your computer (or other techno-sites).
1. Willow’s study of itself called Reveal is drawing lots of response. Mark Galli of CT weighs in here.
2. Trevin Wax on the fundamentalist survival mechanism.
3. A meaningful review of A Community called Atonement by David Neff.
4. We thought Melinda Doolittle was special — and I like this story about her.
5. iMonk’s testy again about the SBC and drinking fire water.
6. These days have been coming… (HT: Rick)
7. Russell Crowe will be baptized in a Byzantine chapel — is he Eastern Orthodox? (HT: pepy)
8. I’m interested in this poll, but I’m a churchgoer.
9. Dan Brennan is now doing a series on Paul Waddell’s new book, and Dan is a serious student of friendship scholarship.
10. Ted’s right here . I’ve read very few critiques of Willow Creek’s new study, Reveal, that have read the study and understand the point Bill Hybels is actually making.
Say it ain’t so, Bud. Instant replay in baseball?
Where in the world is Gardner-Webb?

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