Let’s get practical — so say Walsh and Keesmaat in Colossians Remixed.

How, they are asking, do we take Colossians 3 and bring it into our world?
1. Patriotism to the empire needs to be re-evaluated. They examine here Romans 13 and contend that this is not obsequiousness to the Roman emperor but is a strategy of limiting the power of the state (they use Acts 16 as an example). The church is an alternative community with an alternative politics. (Perfect!, I say.)
2. Economism is a god. We must reclaim this for our lives.
Investments — are your investments hurting others? is the bottom line all that matters?
Food — this is deeply political; be aware of where our food is coming from. They call into question large chain supermarkets, set up coops, grow your own food, fast-food issues.
Transportation — bikes, walking, public transit.

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