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If someone other than the Cubs had to win, it’s nice to see it was the Rockies.rockies.jpgNow we begin our annual reminder that baseball (as it was meant to be) officially ends when the NLCS is over; the World Series is a game between real baseball (National League) and fake baseball (American League) because the AL insists on playing “hitball”. When they let their pitchers bat we’ll see the World Series as the climactic series of the year. So, between you and me, the Colorado Rockies are this year’s best baseball team.Hilarious YouTube of the Week: make sure you watch it all. (HT: Luke)Jen’s story down in Haiti is a must-read.I had no idea my favorite singer has a blog. I thanked JMT in my first book for enveloping my study with worshipful praise.We’ve been praying for Dan all week — and today here in Austin we’ll be praying for him again. We had hoped to be with Dan again.Chicago — gotta love this place:chicago-preserve.jpgYep, Honeycrisp apples are the real deal.Do you purchase and listen to MP3s?Your political ally …1. Art Boulet has started a series on Bruce Waltke’s OT theology: Wednesdays with Waltke.2. David Neff has a nice post on the rise of recapitulation as a sufficient theory of atonement.3. Thinking of retirement?4. Kent on “scud missle” forms of communication. Good one.5. On CNN’s Young people who rock, here is the story of a young woman who decided to try something new every day for one year. Only blogs make such things public.6. This from one of our pastors, Nancy Beach — and I have to say that is one nice looking blog Nancy.7. We need to think about Ecclesiastes more often — and John Frye’s got a nice post on “meaninglessness.”8. Michael Kruse has uber-substance on his blog.9. I once fished with this guy — and we’ve eaten salmon he’s caught — and he’s still at it. And I like how he says the prayers in his Anglican church.10. Laws still on the books.Sports:Way too much of this scene: Adrian Peterson running and Bears left grabbing the grass.peterson.jpg

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