Jesus Creed

Above all, let us continue to urge our government and the world to do what it can for those in Myanmar who are being brutalized for standing up for rights and freedom of speech.
And now for some good news: Welcome Elijah!
This is what I call a pumpkin, for lack of a better term:
And this is what I call hopeful, and that’s the only term we have as our season fizzled out like a wet match:
What is this a parable for?
This is the sort of blog that can change the world: ImpunityWatch.
Tony’s creating a new blog.
Make sure you see Tony’s newest video — it’s from his high school dancin’ days.
And make sure you see Frank’s impersonations of President Bush. Funny stuff. [This is not a political statement; it’s humor.]
Amazon is now selling groceries. I’ll be purchasing our carnaroli and arborio rices this way — and some trofie every now and then.
And for Mac users: Leopard.
And for salad lovers:
And for runners. The Chicago Marathon was run on a day with oppressive heat and there has been some controversy about choosing to run that day. Here is a personal story from a friend and local pastor.
And for … OK, this article is getting more comments than anything I’ve seen in the Chicago Trib, so here it is … but just behave in your comments.
Have you heard this? Illinois mandates moment of silence to begin the school day. Day One had some protests.
1. I’ve got mine. Do you have yours?
2. Barna and teenagers and church.
3. Heart and relationships.
4. Congrats to Rose Madrid-Swetman.
5. I’m reading [I hope the Trib link works] that Honeycrisp Apples are our finest apple. Anyone know of them? I eat an apple a day and don’t like it when I bite into my apple and find it dry or mushy.
6. What about green chemistry?
7. Jamie Arpin-Ricci has created a new start and perspective at a new site.
8. Traffic jam without exhaust:
9. Don’t kiss pictures without mutual consent.
10. Is communion for all at your church, or is it for some? Trevin Wax weighs in.
What a beautiful scene somewhere just outside Chicago!
Will this be the NCAA Football Season of Upsets?
App State means Michigan, Illinois beats Wisconsin, Stanford beats USC
TD! Bears Win!

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