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Fans everywhere are cheering for the Cubs: in Cincinnati and in Thailand!
We somehow missed this fine study by Todd Hiestand and so pass it on now — even if late.
Don’t miss these two by Br. Maynard: One and Two.
Wheaton’s always-fine philosophy conference discusses the future of postmodernity.
The significance of stories in persuading others. Phil Monroe‘s got a post to read.
I’ve been wanting to hear something like this for sometime. Many of us have said music is important to worship today — no one questions that. But, what will attract the 20somethings back? Is it music? Read a 20something’s reflections. Drop him a line — this is worth a good discussion.
A Community called Atonement got some attention on the blog world last week. I can’t link to each one but I do have to say a big thanks to Tim Samoff.
Mark-O, you couldn’t have invited a better speaker than our colleague, Ginny Olsen.
Dan’s hour-long sermon — on missional evangelism.
1. The Buzz is the Humm. Do you have the humm?
2. Good post on the “C” word.
3. Our prayers are with Jamie.
4. Tim Keller in England — as summarized by Dash House.
5. Jarrod McKenna and Gandhi.
6. I like this man’s prose and voice — how about you? Which means I ought to mention his new book, the kind of fiction I somehow always have time to read: Pontoon.
7. I usually put Don Johnson’s wise posts in my top listing, and this one deserves it, but lots of you link to him anyway. Did you see the gift that keeps on giving?
8. And Jim Martin is up to his wisdom.
9. Good news to me.
Yep, the Cubs made it. They are one of the most frustrating teams ever to watch. I predicted they’d make it to the World Series last April, but I’ve got more than a handful of doubts. Let’s say as of yesterday I am becoming less hopeful.
Sports question of the week: How in the world did the Bears get into the Super Bowl last year? It sure does not look like the Bears’ problem was the QB.
Here Woody Austin is not looking for his golf ball; he’s finishing off his swing!
Picture of the Week (if you’ve got one to share Jesus Creeders send it along):
Karen meets Barack; I trust you talked to him about “our” books!

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