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I love to read the letters and correspondence of historical figures or those in whom I have an interest. And I am a sucker for the letters of C.S. Lewis. I read the original paperback edition twice, and then HarperSanFrancisco started publishing the full editions of his letters in three volumes so I read them as well. Well, volume three is available and that means I’ve got some good late-night reading to do:
Do you like to read letters? I admit to reading biographies and letters of fiction writers but not their fiction. Is that unfair to them?
Volume 3, called The Collected Letters of C.S. Lewis: Narnia, Cambridge, and Joy, opens the letters CS Lewis wrote from 1950-1963. And that means two periods of interest to many: the Narnia period and the days of his relationship and marriage to Joy Davidman. This collection includes a letter to Sheldon Vanauken about homosexuality (May 14/15, 1954).

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