Jesus Creed

We are looking at Colossians Remixed and we come again to the question about whether or not truth is “objective.”
Truth is more than what we agree on.
But “objective” truth, Walsh and Keesmaat argue, hasn’t worked yet. The 20th Century was the violent century in history. All empires were built on objectivity. Objectivity, or the rise of the scientific method, has not released the world from oppression. Radical evil — holocausts of Hitler, nuclear war, and Stalin — brings into question the Enlightenment ideology of objectivity.
That, the interrogators ask, was sinfulness not just objectivity. The problem for W-K is “objectivism.” It is the attempt to eschew all perspective to achieve the “view from nowhere” (121). There is no neutral standpoint. We have no access to reality apart from the way we represent that reality in language.
Do we have access to reality apart from perspective? The answer is no.
Thus, the whole modernist enterprise of objectivism is bankrupt (121).
Furthermore, they argue, modernity is inherently anti-Christian: Christians affirm finitude and falliblity and modernity attempted to eliminate both. Humility of knowledge runs into the arrogance of modernity.
So, is then the pursuit of truth just a humble objectivity? Tomorrow.

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