Jesus Creed

What do you eat for breakfast? Some years ago I was at my friend’s, Kermit Zarley’s, home, got up, asked him “What do you eat for breakfast?” and he told me this. Take one container of Yoplait (I think he liked peach), empty its contents into a cereal bowl, and then pour about a cup of raw oats into the bowl. That’s it. (Previously I had been cooking my oats for breakfast.) So, I gave it whirl — and I really like it. (But I prefer vanilla Dannon yogurt.) Followed by a home-made cafe latte. On the weekends I treat myself to Grape Nuts. Exceptions:
When on weekends we go to Wildberry’s restaurant, we both get an order of Swedish pancakes with lingenberries.
When traveling and I get to the breakfast area before Kris is ready, I swipe a donut before Kris arrives.

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