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Brian McLaren, in Everything Must Change, thinks Jesus counters the current framing story of the equity system. Here’s how:

We’re not into Halloween much around here, except for the candy part, and Kris decided long ago not to dress the house or our kids up in ghost or witch outfits (or these). So, we have Fall decorations and some …Read More

After mentioning that Paul’s ethic in Colossians is a resurrection, ascension, liberation, and eschatological ethic, Walsh and Keesmaat, in Colossians Remixed, contend also that the ethic of Paul is “relational” and “narrative” and (tomorrow’s post) an ethic of secession.

One of the beefs non Christians have with Christians is their perception that Christians want them to “get saved!” So, Kinnaman and Lyons, in unChristian, study this them in chp. 4. This chp, however, is less about the perception that …Read More

About two weeks before Halloween, Kris finds herself pondering what kinds of candy to give to the small number of kids who knock on our door and give us the meaningless options of “Trick or Treat.” About 11 days out …Read More

Walsh and Keesmaat, in their Colossians Remixed, want to know “what kind of ethic” we find in Colossians 3:1-17. Good discussion follows.

Part 7 of Brian McLaren’s Everything Must Changeconcerns the “equity” system, the system’s ability to balance resources among its people. The question that animates part 7 is this: Why are the poor poor?

Randall Balmer, professor at Columbia University, will be on campus at NPU today to give the Zarley Lectures. Balmer is an expert on American religious history and has become a specialist on the relationship of evangelicalism to cultural forces — …Read More

Friday evening Kris and I drove down to Evanston for an event at 1st Presbyterian Church in Evanston. We had a wonderful time at this historic and influential church in the heart of Evanston.

Walsh and Keesmaat, in their ever-provocative study of Colossians in light of postmodernity, Colossians Remixed, devote a chp to Colossians 3 under the thematic heading of “an ethic of secession.” Today we look at how postmoderns view ethical teachings in …Read More