Chicago’s skyline:
Last week was the most demanding week I’ve ever had for speaking events, and so we’re ready for a few weeks of down time. But, we’re looking forward to the emerging event in Austin TX. This will be one emerging event that addresses theological beliefs.

Site worth following: Women in the Vineyard.
Pray for Erika — she’s about to deliver. And how has: Welcome Elijah William Haub.
David Fitch on megachurches.
Perhaps one of the most significant study I’ve yet seen from Barna.
Episcopal defections and decisions.
Ken Schenck asks if “inductive” in Bible study is as “objective” as it thinks.
CT piece by Ted Olsen on the death of blogs.
1. We can all be this green.
2. Messianic Jewish pastor’s sermon for Yom Kippur.
3. Nothing quite like real world politics.
4. What pastors get paid.
5. Dan Kimball’s series (and announcement they are merging with the Presbies).
6. John Frye on how Jesus re-images God and God’s ways.
7. Bob Robinson is at the forefront of postmodern apologetics.
8. Critique can be withering, and iMonk took it hard — Michael, lots of us are with you in that middle land called the third way. [I don’t know what happened to this link, but I’m hoping it is just down temporarily.]
9. Are you a workaholic? 20 Questions.
10. Kris found this blog by a young woman who is a medical doctor in Haiti. Interesting reads.
Man, the Cubs are shaky … and found their legs … and won … and the Brewers lost … AND THE CUBS WIN THE DIVISION!
I’m not sure Grossman is the problem but I’m hoping things will turn around with Griese.
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