Jesus Creed

Kris and I drove down to Pekin, a community of nearly 33,000, Saturday — listening attentively to a Cubs win over the Cards. We were scheduled to speak at Pekin Baptist, a salt of the earth church community led by Mike McLeod, a voracious reader. We had a great time.
It began with a good ol’ Midwest custom: a potluck. We can’t remember the last time we were at a potluck, but this one brought back lots of memories for us. Hospitality? They’ve got it mastered.
We had a short time of worship and then Mike introduced me and asked us to address them on the Jesus Creed. I focused this time on the value of sacred rhythmswherein we remind ourselves of the need to love God and love others.
Sunday morning we awoke to a view outside our window of Illinois prairie and farm, dappled in yellow and green. Then we had breakfast with about ten and discussed what is going in the American church. We learned about the rough times Pekin is experiencing financially.
Then back to the church for a lengthy sermon — Mike said to take 60 minutes!, which is a Baptist thing to do — and I focused on “missional fellowships.”
Once again, we come away grateful to see how God is at work all around the globe.
On the way home we heard the Cubs win and then watched the Bears win.

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