Jesus Creed

What is perhaps most interesting to me about W-K’s “commentary” (Colossians Remixed) is their explanation of three terms [make that four]: peace, grace, truth, and spiritual wisdom.
Shalom: it has to do with “blessing, richness, abundance and a far-reaching harmony that permeates and characterizes all of our relationships” (42). They point to Ezekiel 34:25-31 and 37:27.
Grace: a relational idea. It is a gift from another. A radical gift that brings peace.
Truth: they have a lengthy discussion. Here they point to Col 1:5-6 where truth is something that is active and growing and they suggest it comes out of Proverbs 8. Truth is “intimacy, connectedness, particularity and concreteness” (44-45). They point to Psalm 85. The absence of truth means breakdown in relationships (Hos 4:1-3).
Spiritual wisdom: again, relational. A matter of knowing and discerning the direction God woujld have us go in this life. This wisdom is from the Spirit and leads to justice (Isa 11:3-5, 9).

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